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How to make green tea

By: Anna Jul. 26,2021
How to brew green tea: prepare a transparent glass, a pot of boiling water, first clean the glass with boiling water, along the wall of the glass into the glass 1/3 of the water, 3g of green tea into the glass, and then gently shake the glass clockwise, to be fully infiltrated tea, again to the glass filled with water seven minutes full, and finally wait for about 5 minutes, you can drink fresh green tea.

How to brew green tea, precautions for brewing green tea.

I. Selection of tea utensils

The glass cup with good transparency is the first choice for brewing green tea, especially the delicate and precious green tea such as Xihu Longjing and Biluochun. In addition to glass cups, white porcelain tea cups are also a good choice.

Second, the control of water temperature

The most suitable water temperature for brewing green tea is about 85 ℃, according to the brewing method and tea varieties, season, the degree of freshness, the water temperature can be adjusted appropriately. Too high water temperature is not conducive to timely heat dissipation, the tea soup will be smothered yellow, bitter and astringent taste, with the gas of cooked soup. After brewing twice, the water temperature can be increased appropriately.

Brewing methods

There are three methods of brewing green tea, namely, the upper pitching method, the middle pitching method and the lower pitching method.

1.Up-throw method

The up-throw method is to add a sufficient amount of hot water to the tea cup at one time, and put in the tea leaves when the water temperature is moderate. This method of water temperature to master very accurately, the more tender good tea, the lower the water temperature requirements, some tea can be put in the water temperature of 70 ℃.

The up-throw method is applicable to: Biluochun, Xinyang Maojian, Biluochun.

2. Middle casting method

After putting in the tea leaves, inject 1/3 of hot water first, shake slightly to make the tea leaves absorb enough water to stretch out, and then inject to seven minutes full of hot water. The up-throwing method and the middle-throwing method are suitable for delicate tea leaves, and there is another method that is less used, namely the down-throwing method.

The middle pitching method is suitable for: West Lake Longjing, Huangshan Mao Feng and Bamboo Leaf Green.

3. Down-throwing method

The down-throw method is different from the previous two methods, it is to put the tea leaves first and then pour a sufficient amount of hot water into the tea cup at one time. This method is applicable to the general green tea with poor tenderness.

Down-throwing method is applicable to Taiping Monkey Kui, Liu'an Guaqi

Four, brewing times

Green tea is unfermented, and most of the original leaves are fresh and tender, so the brewing degree is low, so brew green tea is about 3 bubbles, and the taste will start to fade after the third bubble.
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