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How to make black tea is the most correct way?

By: Jack Wendy Jul. 26,2021
 Many people who are new to the tea ceremony do not know much about black tea, and they know very little about the brewing method of black tea. As we all know, the taste of a cup of tea is closely related to the way it is brewed. So the correct way to brew black tea is how to brew it.
How to brew black tea is the most correct way?
  The correct way to brew black tea
  1、Warm pot & warm cup
  Pour hot water into the brewing pot, warm up the pot, and then pour the water out.
  2、Pour tea
  Put 5g of fresh tea leaves into the warm brewing pot.
  3、Pour in the boiling water
  The process of pouring water is best done in one go.
How to brew black tea is the most correct way?
  4、Smother the brew fully
  Cover the pot with a lid and allow the black tea to be fully steeped. The basic time is 3 minutes, the steeping time can be reduced for fine tea leaves, and extended for large leaves.
  5、Gently stir the tea leaves
  When the time is up, open the lid and gently stir the tea leaves with a stirring spoon to allow the tea leaves to fully expand.
  6、Rinse the filtering spoon
  Rinse the filtering spoon used to filter the tea leaves with hot water first to reduce the effect of metal on the taste of black tea.
How to make black tea is the most correct way?
  7、Pour the black tea into the teapot
  The brewed black tea is strained through the straining spoon and poured into the pot until the last drop. The last drop of black tea is the essence.
  Black tea brewing tips
  1、The ratio of tea and water
  When making tea, brewing tea should be in good proportion to the amount of tea and water. Most family tea brewing is done by experience. The ratio of the amount of tea and boiling water should also be determined at your discretion.
  When brewing black tea in a pot, at least the amount of tea in a pot should be in 5 grams, if the tea leaves are too little, even if less water is brewed, it will not be able to give full play to the fragrant taste of black tea.
How to brew black tea is the most correct way?
  The ratio of tea to water dosage will also vary from person to person.
  If you are a heavy tea drinker, you can increase the amount of tea and make a cup of strong tea soup; if you are not used to drinking tea, you can put less tea leaves and make a cup of fresh and mellow tea soup.
  2、The choice of tea ware
  In fact, black tea is the best inclusive tea. It can be brewed in any kind of glassware, ceramic bowl or alabaster pot, and it can show its excellent side.
  The owner feels that this is perhaps one of the reasons why it has become so popular around the world. It is suggested that tea lovers can also experiment more in this aspect of utensils.
How to brew black tea is the most correct way?
  3、Control of water temperature
  Usually, the water temperature for brewing black tea is 90℃, and the tea must be simmered with a lid immediately after brewing, in order to maintain the fragrance of black tea quality.
  However, the water temperature has a certain relationship with the quality of the tea leaves. If the tea leaves are of good quality, the high water temperature will not affect the taste and brewability of the black tea after brewing. For example, for our Zheng Shan Xiao Zhu, the water temperature reaches 100℃, but its soup color and brewing times are not affected at all.
  4、Brewing time
  According to the owner's experience of making black tea, most black teas do not need to be steeped. Because most black tea has a long fermentation time, so the tea broth will soon be tasty, and it will be astringent when it is bored.
  However, when a good black tea is steeped for one minute after ten bubbles, you can still enjoy the flavor of the black tea and the aroma of the tea will not be overdrawn.
How to brew black tea is the most correct way?
  5、Number of water refills
  Tea leaves in a variety of active ingredients in the leaching time is not the same, the first brewing of tea, tea soluble substances can be leached 50% to 55%; the second brewing can be leached about 30%, the third brewing, can be leached about 10%, the fourth brewing, can only be leached 2% to 3%, so most of the work of black tea strips of tea, it is best to brew only 2 to 3 times.
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