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Green tea (oolong tea, semi-fermented) production process

By: Biens Jul. 23,2021
How is green tea made?
  The production process of green tea is withering → shaking → frying → kneading → roasting.
  1、Withering: There are two kinds of withering: sunlight withering and indoor withering. Daylight withering, also known as sunlight withering, allows the fresh leaves to emit some water, so that the substances in the leaves can be moderately transformed and reach a suitable fermentation degree; indoor withering, also known as cool withering, allows the fresh leaves to wither naturally in the room, which is also a common method of withering in oolong tea.
How is green tea made?
  2、Shaking green: it is the key to making green oolong tea (green tea). After withering, the tea leaves are shaken for 4~5 times to make the fresh leaves undergo a series of biochemical changes to form the unique "green leaves with red edges" and the unique aroma of oolong tea.
How is green tea made?
  3、Frying: The frying machine destroys the tea enzymes in the tea to prevent the leaves from continuing to turn red, so that the green flavor in the tea will subside and the aroma of the tea will emerge.
How to make green tea
  4、Twisting: It is a modeling step, that is, the tea leaves are made into spherical shape or striped shape to form the shape structure of oolong tea.
How to make green tea
  5、Roasting: that is, drying, removing excess water and bitterness, roasting until the tea stems are broken and brittle, the smell is pure, making the tea fragrance high and mellow.
How is green tea made
  Oolong tea, but also some legendary color, according to "Fujian tea", "Fujian tea folklore" contained in the Qing Dynasty Yongzheng years, in Fujian Province, Anxi County, Xiping Township, South Rock Village, there is a tea farmer, is also a hunter, surnamed Su name Long, because he grew dark and robust, the villagers called him "Oolong". One year in the spring, Wulong waist tea basket, carrying a shotgun to the mountains to pick tea, picking to noon, a mountain roe deer suddenly slipped past, Wulong shot but wounded roe deer desperately fled to the mountains and forests, Wulong also followed closely, finally captured the prey, when the roe deer back to the home is already at lights, Wulong and the whole family was busy slaughtering, taste the game, has forgotten all about tea making. The next morning the whole family was busy frying the "tea green" picked yesterday. Did not expect to place the fresh leaves overnight, has been edged with red, and emitted a burst of fragrance, when the tea is made, the taste is extraordinarily fragrant and thick, all without the bitter taste of the past, and after careful thought and repeated trials, after withering carving, shaking green, semi-fermentation, baking and other processes, finally made a new tea of excellent quality ---- oolong tea. Anxi has also become a famous tea town of oolong tea.
How green tea is made
  Oolong tea integrated green tea and black tea production method, its quality is between green tea and black tea, both black tea strong fresh taste, but also green tea fragrant and has a "green leaves red edge" reputation. After tasting, it leaves an aroma on the cheeks and a sweet aftertaste.
  In addition, the formation of the excellent quality of oolong tea, first of all, the selection of excellent varieties of tea tree fresh leaves as raw materials, strict control of the picking standards; secondly, the extremely fine production process. Oolong tea is divided into three subcategories: "jumping green", "shaking green" and "hand-made green" because of the different ways of making green. Commercially, it is customary to divide it into different sub-categories according to its production areas: Northern Fujian Oolong, Southern Fujian Oolong, Guangdong Oolong, Taiwan Oolong, etc. Oolong tea is a unique tea in China, mainly produced in northern Fujian, southern Fujian and Guangdong, Taiwan three provinces, Sichuan, Hunan and other provinces also have a small amount of production.
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