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Classification of tea and its effects

By: Jack Wendy Jul. 23,2021
Chinese tea is divided into six major categories: green tea, black tea, black tea, oolong tea (green tea), yellow tea, and white tea. In addition now Pu-erh tea is also independent, Pu-erh tea is also a new generation of a large tea category!
  1, the efficacy and role of green tea anti-aging, lowering blood lipids, anti-atherosclerosis, reduce cardiovascular disease (green tea itself contains tea glycine, tea glycine is to improve the toughness of blood vessels, so that blood vessels do not easily rupture); slimming fat loss, anti-caries, clear bad breath, anti-cancer, whitening and anti-UV effects; antibacterial, with the function of the whole intestine; can improve the digestive condition, such as acute diarrhea caused by bacteria, can drink a little green tea alleviate the condition of the disease.
Chinese tea types and efficacy book
  2, the efficacy and role of black tea black tea mild nature, aroma mellow, can help the gastrointestinal digestion, greasy, appetite, help health, promote appetite, can diuretic, eliminate edema. It has the function of strengthening the heart muscle. Strong antibacterial power, gargle with black tea can prevent colds caused by filtration virus, and prevent tooth decay and food poisoning, reduce blood sugar levels and high blood pressure. Black tea is no less effective than green tea and is more beneficial to the heart. For people with weak spleen and stomach, drinking black tea with milk can play a certain role in warming the stomach.
Chinese tea types and efficacy book
  3, the efficacy and role of black tea supplement dietary nutrition, digestive, greasy, smooth stomach; lowering fat, weight loss, softening human blood vessels, prevent cardiovascular disease; antioxidant, delay aging, prolong life; anti-cancer, anti-mutation, lower blood pressure; lower blood sugar, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, diuretic detoxification, reduce the toxic effects of alcohol and tobacco.
Chinese tea types and efficacy of the whole book
  4, oolong tea efficacy and effects of beauty, anti-aging: drinking oolong tea can make the blood vitamin C content held at a higher level, the urinary vitamin C excretion is reduced. Slimming: unavailable weight loss products. Anti-cavity: a cup of oolong after meals, the tea contains polyphenols with the ability to inhibit the production of tartar enzymes. Improve skin allergies.
Chinese tea types and efficacy of the whole book
  5, the efficacy and effects of yellow tea yellow tea is compost tea, in the process of composting, the production of digestive enzymes, can protect the spleen and stomach, improve appetite, help digestion. Digestive enzymes can restore the metabolic function of fat cells and remove fat. The nutrients such as tea polyphenols, amino acids, soluble sugars and vitamins in yellow tea prevent and control esophageal cancer. There are more than 85% of natural substances retained in the fresh leaves of yellow tea, and these substances can sterilize and anti-inflammatory.
Chinese tea types and efficacy book
  6, the efficacy and effects of white tea white tea is a mildly fermented tea. White tea efficacy has three anti (anti-radiation, antioxidant, anti-tumor) three down (lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, lower blood sugar) of health benefits, but also nourish the heart, liver, eyes, nourish the soul, nourish the qi, nourish the body. It can cure diabetes, prevent cerebrovascular disease, lower blood pressure, anti-virus and improve immunity.
A complete list of Chinese tea types and effects
  7, pu-erh tea has been loved by the majority of female compatriots, one, pu-erh ripe tea is mild, warm stomach does not hurt the stomach; second, pu-erh tea can lower blood lipids; third, blood lipid lowering, natural can also bring the effect of weight loss; in addition, Chinese medicine also believes that pu-erh tea at the same time has the effect of heat, heat, detoxification, elimination of food, greasy, water, laxative, expectorant, dispel the wind and relieve the surface, coughing and generating fluid, benefitting the qi, prolonging life and so on.
Chinese tea types and effects
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