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The Tokyo Olympics opens today! How to watch the Olympics healthy at home?

By: Anna Jul. 23,2021
In the past Olympic Games, many people are addicted to watching the game, high excitement, nervous state, unreasonable diet plus lack of sleep, etc., will trigger a series of health problems such as visual fatigue, dry eye disease, insomnia, gastroenteritis, hemorrhoids, etc. How should we watch the Olympics healthily at home?

1. Beer and snacks, in fact, the stomach and intestines are very hurt

Generally after events like the World Cup and the Olympics, patients with gastrointestinal diseases will increase significantly. Many people like to watch the game while eating, especially men, there is always beer.

When watching the game often remain in one position for a long time, the stomach and intestines will lack peristalsis. This time and then eat a lot of cold food, it is easy to cause spasmodic contraction of the gastrointestinal tract, triggering abdominal pain, diarrhea.

So, also remind everyone to eat as much as possible to consume easily digestible food, such as noodles, thin rice, etc.. When drinking cold drinks, do not drink too much or too fast. To eat scientifically, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and other vitamin-rich foods.

2. sedentary plus barbecue, hemorrhoids easily come to offend

People are sitting on the sofa or chair when watching TV, especially when watching the game, a few hours sitting, few people stand up and move. Over time, this causes impaired blood circulation in the anal department, varicose veins, and small venous thrombosis. At the same time, the lack of activity in the anal department makes the muscles in the anal department less elastic and less contractile, and the rectal mucosa slips, leading to the generation of hemorrhoids or the aggravation of hemorrhoids.

In addition, like to eat barbecue is also a trigger for hemorrhoids and other diseases, grilled food moisture loss, plus pepper, pepper and other spices, excessive consumption of easy to cause fire constipation, hemorrhoids. Therefore, whether watching TV or doing other work or study, it is necessary to combine work and rest, sitting for an hour or so, should get up and move for a while, it is best to do anal exercise, which will have a good effect on the prevention and control of hemorrhoids.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items.

3. sweating plus spicy food will hurt your skin

The summer dampness hurts the spleen and lungs, therefore, in order to appetite to eat and crave cold or hot and spicy hot, barbecue and other hot and dry food, hurt the spleen and stomach. Chinese medicine believes that "the lung is the master of the skin", when the hair follicles are stimulated by sweat and spicy and dry food, the formation of heat poison caused by the disease, will be red and itchy, the more you scratch the more itchy.

You should pay attention to skin care, try to use warm water instead of especially hot water to bathe, keep the skin clean and dry.

Try to wear moisture-absorbing and breathable cotton clothes and knitted undershirts.

Eat a light diet, do not eat spicy, barbecue, fried food, so as not to help fire and heat rash, damage the spleen and lungs.

You can eat some green vegetables, fruits and vegetables, eat some soybean products in moderation, drink more plain water, keep your bowels and stools open, and expel heat toxins from the body. In serious cases, you should consult a Chinese medicine practitioner for treatment to clear the lung and detoxify the lung, as well as to benefit the qi and nourish the yin, so as not to delay the disease.

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